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Family of Fresh Del Monte Pineapples
Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet Pineapple
Pinkglow® Pineapple

When it comes to fresh pineapples, there’s a gold standard: super-sweet and juicy from Fresh Del Monte. From Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet to honey-sweet Honeyglow® to our one-and-only Pinkglow® pineapples, we have healthy helpings of goodness and customized fresh cuts to entertain easy.  

In 1996, Fresh Del Monte introduced The Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple, a then-new variety that’s twice as sweet as the traditional pineapple featuring a beautiful, golden flesh.

In addition to our Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet pineapple, Honeyglow® pineapple is hand-harvested at peak sweetness and ripeness. Learn more about Honeyglow® pineapple at https://honeyglowpineapple.com/.

The Pinkglow® Pineapple, an exclusive pineapple with a pink interior, uniquely harvested by Fresh Del Monte, launched in 2020. This “Jewel of the Jungle®” is produced in ultra-limited harvests, uniquely and specially grown by the expert growers at Fresh Del Monte. Learn more about Pinkglow® Pineapple at https://www.pinkglowpineapple.com/.

Our newest additional to our pineapple family are the Del Monte Zero™ Carbon Neutral Pineapples. Carbon neutral means we are taking responsibility for every ton of our greenhouse gases from our pineapple operations in Costa Rica from farm to market, offsetting these emissions directly through conservation efforts on more than +8,000 hectares of land that we manage. Del Monte Zero™ Carbon Neutral Pineapples are certified by SCS Global Services.  

Other ways to enjoy fresh Del Monte® pineapples include desserts, salads, smoothies or as a tropical garnish for meats and poultry. And let’s not forget how amazing they are on the rim of a frozen umbrella drink.

  • Good source of vitamin C and manganese
  • Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet variety has up to four times more vitamin C than traditional varieties

Country of Origin

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how to Select

Look for a pineapple that is symmetrical and heavy for its size. Look for crown leaves that are fresh and green. Sniff the pineapple, and pick one that has a sweet, fragrant smell. Ensure that the pineapple is free from soft spots. Del Monte Gold® Extra Sweet Pineapples are always picked ripe and ready to eat, so there's no need to wait to enjoy them.

how to pRepaRe

Twist the crown off, then cut in half,  and then quarters. Next, trim off the ends and core to remove the fruit from the shell. Finally, cut into bite-size pieces

how to StoRe

Keep your pineapple in the refrigerator or any cold, humid place. It won't ripen any further, so try to enjoy it as soon as possible.